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We do it using either practical, real-world testing or simulated environments.

Success through analysis and demonstration


If you need any of the following:

  • To understand how a designed part will perform

    To understand how a designed part will perform

  • To understand where and how a product will wear

    To understand where and how a product will wear

  • To understand why an existing part has failed

    To understand why an existing part has failed

  • To know how a particular material will perform

    To know how a particular material will perform

  • To find out whether a material meets (inter)national standards

    To find out whether a material meets (inter)national standards

  • Individual testing of each finished product

    Individual testing of each finished product



Offering innovative and proven solutions since 2012

Advocates of the scientific method

We want your product to perform as intended, consistently and repeatably.

That might mean using one – or a variety of – testing methods during the design and manufacturing process. This also means using only the highest quality rubber testing equipment.


有限元分析 (FEA) can be used during the design phase to assess likely weak points, engineer those out and understand how the product will wear. We use this kind of testing prior to manufacture to understand how a product will perform and give us the best chance at an optimum design before we even step foot inside our moulding facilities with your design.


If the question lies around material performance and likely wear or mechanical properties, the most appropriate testing route may be around the material itself, to assess rubber fatigue or how it will perform within your environment. We may either use our own facilities or one of the testing houses that we partner with, 根据要求. Our chemists will help to design and test the most suitable material for the environment in question.

Rubber product testing and validation:

有一些产品, 由于它们的批判性, have to be individually tested post-manufacture. We offer this service and will work with you to assist in creating an appropriate, repeatable test to prevent failure in the field.


Custom solutions to ensure MXGP pole position

Not all our customers want volumes of parts; sometimes they just need a small batch, manufactured to exacting specifications with absolute performance in mind. 挑战: design and produce parts for improved performance on a competition...


Critical components test the boundaries of moulding techniques

Rubber is the ideal solution for a fuel hose - it can cope with extreme chemicals and provides flexibility. However, when trying to design for both safety and space-saving, a unique challenge is presented. 挑战:...


FEA simulation for crash test readiness

Finite element analysis can be used not only for understanding wear and reducing the cost of prototyping but also as part of a critical safety analysis prior to real-world tests. 的 challenge: To assist a commercial...


设计ing for production efficiencies

的 processing industry is under pressure to offer efficiencies and cost-savings at all stages of their process. 一致的, reliable supply is the backbone of a productive business - and sometimes design for manufacture is key. 的...


Putting aesthetics at the forefront

的re are times when the appearance of a product is equally as important as the function; if we know that from the outset we will design and manufacture with the visual impact as a priority. 的...


设计ing around existing components for bespoke solutions

经常, our customers do not have CAD facilities; they rely upon us to take their vision and work with it to propose and develop a suitable solution. 的 challenge: To conceptualise and develop the design of...


A race against time for design and production

For many of our customers their products are constantly going through re-design and development for improvement; we have to align ourselves with that process, often against tough deadlines. 的 challenge: To replicate a moulded rubber HNBR...


Quality and workmanship to match your brand’s reputation

Some brands build their reputation on quality, finish and great British engineering. Whatever the critical factors for your product in terms of design and manufacture, we will work in partnership to make sure that our piece...


Unusual solutions to solve a unique problem

Combining industry-specific knowledge with expertise in rubber engineering - whilst collaborating with engineers on site - allows us to think past the usual solution to a problem and design something to fit within a unique range...




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